Thursday, August 13, 2009


We made it to our friend's Griz and Alice house in Eureka! You may remember that we traveled to their wedding in New Zealand a couple of years ago. We are so excited to be here at their warm and welcoming home. We were excited to cross the California border and are hoping to enjoy some redwoods. It has been a little difficult because we concentrate more on survival cycling then taking in the views. We are challenged daily by motorists who get too close to us. I had to jump out of the way of a charging logging truck the other day. It is loud and scary out here so we were really excited to happen across a mountain bike trail that got us off the road and allowed us to camp in the backcountry. It was so quiet I nearly cried. We have both missed the silence that our backpacking adventures bring us. We are also excited to be in the land of many organic farms. I was lamenting to our friend Sara that we were finding limited organic produce and she suggested that if we spent half the energy we have invested in seeking out local breweries and applied it to finding farmers markets I might have better luck. I went to a beautiful farmers market today with Alice. A friend we know from the Pacific Crest Trail in 1996 is a farmer in the area and we will be going to her farm tomorrow. She set us up with gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and sweet melons to hold us over until our farm tour and lunch tomorrow which I'm sure will warrant a blog post of it's very own. Tonight we will make dinner at home and enjoy a "taste of Humbolt" yummy!


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm....tasty humboldt. tory

Ignacio & Daniela said...

Hey Guys,
This is the three of us writing to send our love and well wishes. We certainly miss you here in town but by no means want you to hurry home. Remember to get off the 101 every chance you get. You are close to avenue of the giants which is a great 2 day stretch. The melons are starting to come in big, wet, and sweet enough to give cavities. It's still hot with no rain in site but Damiano doesn't seem to care and he is starting to grow out his hair. The new bike church has been installed in Barrio Anita which is truely an awesome site to see.
Take your time slow ride and Shake and Bake and enjoy the views.
Ignacio, Daniela, Damiano

Lar said...

i like everything about humboldt. EVERYTHING!