Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cutting the umbilical cord

Been thinking a lot about how how I want to document and share our journey this summer, if at all.  The still camera will defintiely be coming along for the ride but not sure about the video camera.  Not even sure I want to bother with this blog.  Today, I came across this passage:

Not only can it be done, but it already has, you are not the first, and you are not special, and no one cares.

This came from some friends of ours who just rode from Tucson to Florida (and blogged about it here).  Might be nice to cut the umbilical cord for awhile...


Meeshamo said...

Oh I will very much miss your blog if you should decide not to do it. I love to live vicariously through you guys.
Hope to see you along the way!

Lar said...

oh come on now you guys! don't let jared poopy pants get you down. a lot of people do care. jar and i are eagerly awaiting to read your blog. don't cut yourself off from magical experiences just because you feel attached to the "umbilical cord" of wireless internet. But do update us every few days. you guys are truly special. i met a lot of people touring on the west coast, and you guys are way cooler. there is no telling what kind of experiences you will have and who you will meet. can't wait to hear about it.

say hi to Utopia in Trinidad Beach and see if you can get him to make you a magic wand with owl feathers for me. jared dropped ours somewhere on highway 395 last year.