Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike update

Ed, our framebuilder at La Suprema, has been hard at work on our bikes.  In fact, he's moving so fast that I'm unable to keep up with my Birth of a Bicycle video project.  Every time we show up at his shop, he is almost finished with another bike.  I did manage to snap a few pics of Ed at work (shown here brazing a fork).  Currently Lori's frame is being powder-coated and mine (below) is awaiting paint.  Meanwhile, I have been acquiring the myriad of parts needed to assemble a complete bike.  With any luck, after we return from our trip to Zion next week, we can begin final assembly (which I hope to film).  Stay tuned...

On a related note, we had five friends over for dinner last who have all ridden the west coast route that we intend to ride this summer.  We grilled them with questions about gear, food, and maps.  And while it's all well and good to do your homework, an integral part of adventure is to not over-plan, leaving plenty of room for the fates to steer us in interesting directions!


Renee said...

give me a shout when you think you will bike through Oregon, I just bought a car and travel with beer!

Lar said...

i know what you mean...once ed gets started on a bike its like you turn around and it's done!

looks like ed is in top form here. can't wait to see the finished products all ready to roll!