Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Lori and Fiddlehead!

Despite continuing smoke-filled skies, we had a great week. Our hiking buddy Griz (he hiked the Arizona Trail with us) and his beautiful dog Siskiyou Marie joined us for a night to help celebrate Lori's birthday. He packed in a bottle of wine and some of Alice's amazing lemon bars! Happy birthday to Lori, and also to our great friend Fiddlehead - wish you were out here FH!
We also met a couple of trail legends in this stretch. The man with the beard (above) is Billy Goat. He has hiked more than 33,000 miles in his life. We had never met before but had several friends in common. He said his home was "the trail." The other hiker above is Scott Williamson. We met him on the trail in 1996. He is currently on his eleventh thru-hike of the PCT! He has yo-yoed the PCT, meaning that he has hiked from Mexico to Canada and back to Mexico in a single season. And this year he is on goal to break the speed hiking record on the PCT - less than 79 days (we took 153). All that and he is an amazingly nice and humble guy. Even though he is trying to set the record this year, he didn't hesitate to take a half-hour break with us. Very cool!
So we should finally be through with our first state (California) in the next week. We are still healthy and happy and looking forward to Oregon!

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Anonymous said...

Great Job you two! Happy Birthday Lori, Keep up the good times and looking forward to seeing you this fall. Don't get rusty in Oregon.
Also, How did Chris manage to hold that little stick between his legs while diving in that cold water?
Take care, Unc Kenny & Kip