Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where we stand

We just returned from a quick trip to San Diego.  We finished our first ten resupply boxes and drove them to Lori's dad's house where he will mail them to us at certain town stops along the trail.  The boxes contain not only our food but also other essentials like TP, sunscreen, fuel, baby wipes, extra batteries, and maps.  The boxes are mailed to us "general delivery."  This means we can walk into the Post Office, show our IDs, and collect our mail.  The system works amazingly well.  For a quasi-governmental agency that almost never receives good press, we are here to sing its praises!  Thru-hiking as we know it would not exist without the USPS.   If you are interested in sending letters or care packages, please visit our official website for instructions and our itinerary.

We are now 15 days from our return to San Diego and 18 days until liftoff.  As I said, we only finished ten of our boxes.  We still have eight more to go.  So Lori is once again making granola, drying fruits and veggies, and generally making sure we are well-nourished on the trail.  I have a feeling we will have many jealous hiking partners!  We are also making a box with extra replacement items that can be placed into a resupply box if the need arises.  These items include a spare stove, camera, flashlight, etc.  

With only two weeks to go, I actually feel good about our current state.  Our gear and food will be ready.  Much of our time is devoted to household items.  We need to make sure our bills get paid, our house and cat are looked after, and our cars ready for a long hibernation.  I have no doubt that these things will be done.  That leaves only our physical fitness to worry about.  Lori and I have both been hit hard this spring with various flus, infections, and allergies.  I can only hope the worst is behind us and hope that the first few weeks are kind!

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