Monday, April 21, 2008


I have a big glass of ice water in my hand as I sit down to write this post.  I'm taking time to fully enjoy it because in less then two weeks it will be a rare and treasured resource.  Living in the desert we have become very mindful and responsible in regards to our water usage.  Even though we pride ourselves on not being wasteful, the fact remains that we can still go to the tap and drink water to our heart's content.  On the trail, particularly in Southern California we may hike up to 20 miles between water sources.    Weighing in at 8 pounds a gallon, water quickly becomes the majority of our pack weight.  Something we can take for granted now will soon consume our thoughts and energies.  Our hiking strategies will be dictated by the location of water.  Often we will stop and cook our main meal at the water source even if it isn't dinner time.  By doing this we will avoid having to carry the extra water required for cooking and cleaning up.  Here is the fun part, when we finally reach these water sources they are rarely the pristine springs pictured on so many designer water bottles.  We have put many a water filter to the ultimate field testing.  I think there may still be a filter lodged in a murky cow pond somewhere after we abandoned it in disgust and frustration.  We will spend the early part of this voyage daydreaming about the mountain springs we will find when we reach the Sierras.  Until then our only defense is our trusty filter and dehydrated lemons that we will use to mask the flavors that come from the less desirable sources.  Cheers and bottoms up!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, there is nothing like digging in the mud to make a pool of water to pump...yummy!

Anonymous said...

Like the hair! doing a great job, pics fantastic. we're watching your progress.