Friday, April 16, 2010

Grand Enchantment Trail - Superstitions

We have successfully traversed the Superstition Wilderness section but we had to earn it! Rocky overgrown trail made for extremely slow going (our daily mileages were 5, 12, 17, 14) but we were rewarded with incredible scenery, wildflowers, knee-high grasses and lots of water (even managing a couple of skinny dips). We were also honored with two Gila Monster sitings (and three rattlesnakes). Unfortunately, this mid-80s era computer won't allow me to upload any of my photos.

Our hiking partner J-Box left after just 45 miles. The Grand Enchantment Trail - it's not for everyone!

To our Arizona readers: Get out for a hike! This spring is not one to be missed.


Philippe said...

Good to hear from you guys and glad all is well. Must have been worrisome to have covered only 5 miles on the 1st day.
You left one day too soon: you missed the Tuesday arrival of the fava beans!
Have fun... Hasta,

Kathleen said...

Awesome...ever onward!!!!!

Ignacio & Daniela said...

Great to hear all is well. We roll out to Prescott this weekend, I am going to sell as many cookies as possible tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"The harder you try, the sweeter the necter." -Hips
Missed you at the shows this weekend but we must have raised our glasses and toasted to you two at least 25 times. Walk on!!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say the Blue Ridge is not to be missed this spring either! Blessings to my trail lovelies. -Heather

Chad said...

Great to hear you guys are getting along and having a fun time! Sorry not to get a chance to say Bon Voyage before you took off. Looking forward to the updates!

Julie B. said...

You are right about that last comment! This spring has been incredible! It continues to be mild and pleasant here in Phoenix, at the very end of April. And I have a day off tomorrow!