Tuesday, July 12, 2011

…and be merry!

It finally happened. My food obsessions and adventures refused to be contained any longer. The pictures of every beautiful animal, vegetable and mineral that could possibly appear on a plate have spilled out of their digital files and on to my shared food blog. Sara and I have spent the last several years preparing food for almost everyone in our humble little town. We started by sharing food with anyone who was hungry during our involvement with Food Not Bombs. From there we embraced the Sonoran Desert and everything edible within it through our work with Desert Harvesters. This past year we worked on a community cookbook highlighting the ubiquitous mesquite. We fed even more neighbors through the extensive recipe testing and cookbook unveiling at the annual mesquite milling and pancake fiesta. Our work with Tucson Community Supported Agriculture includes cooking demonstrations and special events involving foods highlighting the season. We have catered the Gathering of the Greens party for the last three years at the Historic Y. The bottom line is, if you live in Tucson we have probably touched something you ate. Our food blog …and be merry! will describe our food exploits and endeavors. It was born as a documentation tool for our first Supper Club Dinner but it is clear that it will become so much more.

I hope you will check in and see what's cookin' as we go to the straight to the source for our dining delights. Join us around the table and see why few things bring us more joy than sharing food with friends.

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