Saturday, April 23, 2011

I've gone feral!  I'm having so much fun running around Utah's wide open spaces. We've traveled 130 miles since we left Durango.  I like to ride standing up through the sunroof. The best was when Dad got going 43 mph on a downhill. I got some extra playtime yesterday when we had to fix 3 flat tires before starting the day's ride. I guess we shouldn't have camped in that field filled with goat head thorns. We  are now up to 7 flats in only 4 days of riding. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing now. I can't wait to explore more canyons and red rock!
- Reyna


Meeshamo said...

Ok youre killing me! :) Im glad things are going well. Text me when u can I no longer have ur number!

kathleen said...

Love it! Happy trails you three!