Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grand Enchantment Trail - What's for Dinner?

Have you ever struggled with what to cook for dinner? What if you had to figure out what you wanted to eat for the next 48 dinner's? Some restrictions apply; The dinner needs to be prepared in a single pot. It needs to be light enough to carry with up to seven other dinners in a backpack. It should have a high calorie count and taste delicious. This is the challenge I'm currently faced with. We are striking out next week on a two month backpacking trip along the Grand Enchantment Trail. We have done this kind of thing enough to have our favorite meals that account for half of the requirement. Rice and Beans and Mac and Cheese remain perennial favorites. Most of the food is precooked and then dehydrated to save time and stove fuel. I'm anxious to test some new creations. Some of the crazier pursuits include making my own bulgur wheat. I cooked whole wheat berries and then dehydrated them. After they were dry I course ground them and voila, bulgur! To take the craziness to the next level I'm attempting to make kishk. Kishk is a Lebanese ferment of yogurt mixed with bulgur wheat. It tastes like strong, musky cheese (it certainly smells like that). After it is fermented it will be dried and added to flavor and thicken certain meals. A friend at the CSA gave me a recipe and spice mix for Indian Saruu which I made and dehydrated - yummy! So now we know what's for dinner. Bon Appetit and Happy Trails!

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rorydvt said...

Looking forward to all the photos from your trip!

Safe travels!