Friday, July 24, 2009

Cause for Celebration

We passed the 600 mile mark, crossed into Oregon by way of a 4 1/2 mile bridge over the Columbia River, survived some serious survival cycling along the 101 near Aberdeen and it's my birthday!

We are currently celebrating in Astoria Oregon (they have a brewery here). Christian is spoiling me with a hotel room that has a view of the Columbia River including the amazing bridge we came over. To add to the festivities, the sun came out for the first time in over a week. I was skeptical when we woke once again to heavy fog and rain but by lunch time we were slathering on the sun cream. We lunched in a small picnic area that was appropriately littered with birthday confetti. We played a little frisbee and then psyched ourselves up for the "crossing". The bridge is narrow and has a minimal shoulder but the fun part is the last half mile with adrenlin stores running low, the bridge climbs up! Half way across the bridge is the "Welcome to Oregon" sign. It was magnificent! Off to the brewery and tomorrow off to Portland for a fun side trip.


Anonymous said...

Once again - some great pictures and interesting narrative. We were in Astoria a few years ago - it's in beautiful country. We went up to the high hill where the monument is to look down on the whole beautiful area. The bridge cycling sounds challenging. Happy Birthday Lori.
Dorothy & Owen

Lar said...

happy birthday lori!