Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roman Holiday


Aja and I are back in Rome after a lovely trip through Tuscany and Campania. After leaving Firenze we traveled by train through the Tuscan hills to lovely Lucca. Lucca is an ancient walled city. We rented bikes and rode along the top of the city walls which is now a lovely circular park. Next we headed for the Amalfi Coast and spent three beautiful days in Positano. Our hotel had a fantastic view of the Tyrennian Sea. Some favorite memories of our room in Positano include, Breakfast delivered at the hour of our choosing, refrigerator for our limoncello and a large terrace to enjoy both! Declining a motorbike ride offer from some Italian Romeos we opted for the bus back to Rome. Our only goal remaining is to throw some coins in Trevi Fountain insuring our return to this magnificent country.

Fino ad allora,
Lori and Aja

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