Friday, August 29, 2008


What a daunting task we face trying to summarize the end of a magnificent journey. Our path has brought us over 112 days (95 of which we spent hiking, averaging 16.6 miles a day). We hiked through numerous life zones, broiling heat, thunderstorms, fires and many picture perfect days. We basked in the simplicity that only life on the trail can offer - rising with the sun and finding ourselves in rhythm with the natural. We struggled through aches and pains, smoke-filled skies and kamikaze mosquitos. We made some fantastic new friends and were reminded of the generosity and kindness of people who helped us along the way. Now our difficulty lies in our transition back to the "civilized" world. We meet this task with excitement while simultaneously planning for our next adventure!
Thanks for following along on our journey. We hope you have caught a glimpse of why we have a passion for long- distance backpacking. Check back in the coming weeks for a link to the finished slide show.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! We are inspired and can't wait to do a "family" long-distance trip of our own. It has been a great journey for us following your progress through this blog. We can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Come Home Now! -Aja

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hang out with you guys and hear about the trip, I'll supply the 40ozs. of Bud, since you guys drink that now. (I have the photographic evidence) -Otis

Unknown said...

AWESOME! You guys are looking lean and mean! I bet you're craving a huge steak right about now... ; ) Buzzzz

snowkatshredhead said...

Congrats you two! Truly an "Epic Adventure of Grand Proportions", or is that a "Grand Adventure of Epic Proportions" - whatever! It was a killer trip for certain and I thank you for letting us all live vicariously thru your blog.

WARNING: Re-assimilating to the collective during an election season can cause mental problems. Limit TV, radio & internet news intake thru November.

Love you two & hope to see ya in the desert after it cools off. - Scott

Anonymous said...

Hey you two, congrats on another well documented hike. Makes me want to get back on the PCT again! Also good to see pics of Griz and Scott and Billy Goat. Please pass on my best wishes to Yum and Pep. (Griz & Yum & I crested Forester Pass together in 99; Scott was instrumental in convincing me I was capable of solo thruhiking the PCT) Great account and pics brought on many memories!
Heidrun aka "Xkanuck"

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH, sloride and shake 'n bake!!!!

It's Gary (from the Gary and Jake - or crazy canucks - duo you met at warner springs). its soo good to see your posts and pictures. it really brings back gnarley memories. We've been missing trail life vehemently for the past few months.
As i told you, i'd be working in an accounting firm and send you a picture when i got all cleaned up. Well, that gig didnt last as long as planned b/c of a 'professional judgement' error and i got canned. hahaha. whatever.... more time to hike. oh, and needless to say, the beard is back and i dont have a picture of the 'clean' gary.

happy trail planning. hope to catch y'all on the flip side.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible summer you had! Wish we could have done it with you again.... someday for sure! Especially since Lori is still 23 years old!!! Your trail smiles warm my heart and soul. This blog is such a fantastic gift for the rest of us not on the trail - Thanks for the effort!
Love you guys and congrats!
Steph and the rest of the tribe

Anonymous said...

shake and could we have missed you? well, we are slow. enjoying the trail. and almost done! however, haven't seen any packages from you yet. maybe we haven't looked hard enough. at the dinsmore's now, and canada in 1.5 weeks! crazy! by the way, slo, washington is beautiful. like the sierras. amazing. i'll try to come find you in tucson.

spiff and six