Friday, June 20, 2008

The weather is here, wish you were beautiful!

Hello all! I know it's been a long time since our last post - thanks for checking in! We are now in Independence after completing our first stretch in the Sierra Nevada. This is why we are out here! I will not waste a lot of words trying to describe the incredible beauty that surrounds us - better to read some John Muir. Instead I will share a few of the many, many photos I have taken. As you will see, we walked through a wildfire to get to the good parts. Two days ago, we hiked over the highest point on the entire trail - Forester Pass (13,200'). As you can also see, Lori has been harvesting wild onions to embelish our meals.
Over all, we are having an amazing journey. We are safe and sound and hope you all are as well. It may be a few weeks until our next post. Please keep checking back and leaving those comments.


Meeshamo said...

OMG!!! Beautiful pictures! I glad you guys are safe and having an amazing time!
Cant wait to see you.


love the flamingo

Anonymous said...

Attempted to bake mesquite-pumpkin cookies for you guys. Thought it'd be great for your Sierra Nevada weather. But I goofed big time. Instead of 1/4 mesquite flour and 3/4 Farmer Frank wheat flour, I put 1/4 mesquite flour and 3/4 mesquite flour (it's got to be the 109 degrees heat, I can't believe I'm that stupid). Anyway, even though I invented the perfect recipe to make rocks, I decided not to mail them to you, as you probably have enough rocks around you.
Your journey sounds and looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Not just the scenery, but you two are looking more and more lovely as you go.

Steven Freehawk said...

Thanks for the Anniversary cheers, Astara and I had a ball in St Augustine. You both look wonderful and fit. Your photography is awesome! My letter and some treats are on the way to Yosemite. Maybe I can talk you into joining me for a 100 miles on the John Muir trail next summer.

Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well-we keep meaning to get a care package off to you--but I do enjoy the pictures and the commentary. Looking forward to your moms visit. We always enjoy her company--you are welcome anytime--we could maybe take you both go carting--I still remember your battle wound. Take care and happy hiking, Janeen and family

Anonymous said...

Your pictures and commentary are eagerly awaited; have to live vicariously I guess because I/we could never do a trip like that. The photography is awesome. We hope you don't encounter much fire country, as California seems to be having tons of fires right now. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

We head out today, Sunday, June 30 for High Sierra. You may want to give us a call when you come off the trail. We should have a better idea of what is going on with the fires near Quincy. Both of us will have our cells. Look forward to seeing you.

Erik Ryberg said...

I am dying of envy. It was nice knowing you but now I am going to go die somewhere.

Of envy.

Next time you find a trail register that goes back to the 70s see if you can find a Wayne Martin in there around '74 or '75. He did the whole thing and was the guy who introduced me to bicycling around '79.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the use of your friends while you are away. I promise to return them in better shape than before I borrowed them. Good times! P.s. Michael Franti on home turf in September. Lovums, Aja