Monday, May 19, 2008

It only hurts when I walk

Hello All! My apologies for such a long time between posts. We are in Big Bear City (mile 235). We are both healthy and happy but still a little trail sore. We were forced to skip 30 miles due to a forest fire near Mount San Jacinto. The fire was already out by the time we got there but the Forest Service needed to do "Resource Damage Assessment". We took the closure as a sign to take a full rest day in Idyllwild which we did and were thankful for. Of course we arrived on the day the library was closed hence no new blog post. From there we hiked to the summit of Mount San Jacinto (10,800') complete with snow travel and over the next day and a half descended to the trail's low point in California 1188' at San Gorgonio pass (at the I-10). Over 9000' vertical descent! Very punishing indeed but interesting passing through all the various life zones. We then immediately climbed back up to 8500' on the other side of the pass. Yes, the second 100 miles were much harder than the first. Much of the last few days were spent hiking through a burn area. As you probably know, over the last few years much of southern California has burned including many sections of the PCT. What is interesting though is how quickly these areas are coming back. Whole hillside's covered in purple wildflowers, more globemallow than I have ever witnessed (and it's one of my faves), and new shoots growing out of the bases of burned out trees. Fire is a cleanser and very much a part of the natural cycle.

We have met quite a few more hikers. In fact, we will be celebrating a trail birthday tonight with many cold cervezas and another birthday in the next town! It's not all pain and suffering! Hope all is well with you and don't forget to leave comments (Just click "comments" below. If you don't have a Google account, just click "anonymous" and sign your name at the bottom of your comment).


Anonymous said...

You guys look splendid!?! We are watching your progress along the trail with, dare I say it, shock and awe.

Back to CLE on 5/28...sending much love & good trail karma...

Wiley & Rich=

Anonymous said...

Splendid, splendid.
Bless those feet.
And those swimming pools...
Thinking of you.
P & P

Anonymous said...

polarizing filter? That is a pretty sweet looking sky in the photo of winding trail through the mallow and the burn area. Keeping up with the posts is exciting. Can't wait for more.
Jonathan and I are getting ready to hit the rails on Saturday. Just in time...its 103 today in tucson.

We won a semi-sweet victory over that damn highway last week...100 people came out to give public comment and poured their hearts out about how much we love our neighborhood and hate the specific road plan as well as the idea in general. The CAC was taken aback and are taking three months to study alternatives. So it was a small victory but the overwhelming support and sense of community was awe-inspiring despite the meeting taking place in the cavernous TCC.

Oh, and I cut all my hair off. WAAAHOOO!

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

hi guys,
jeff lewis sent me your link, so i am totally following your adventure!! such a full circle moment for you!
will keep in touch!
happy hiking!

courtneyray said...

ok, i think i screwed up signing in to google? oh well, it's me, courtney ray!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey guys I love to watch your progess like this. Wow, you techies!!! Glad all is well can't wait to see more. Love and Kisses
Heather Tory Braiden and Willow

Anonymous said...

Hi there-

Glad you are safe and love checking your blog! Lori, it was great talking to you the other day and catching up on everything. All is well here.
love -- ct

Steven Freehawk said...


You kids look great and no worst for wear. Love your new do bro. Sista... lovely as usual!

hmmm. I wonder if Lewis & Clark had a blog. Suppose I need to get some goodies off to the troops :-)

Walk Joyfully.


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a journey - glad to hear you had to take a required resting day - stay safe, well and enjoy the adventure. It's fun reading your trail account and the pictures are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Once again - this blog goes to anonymous when I didn't mean it to - inexperience at blogging shows. Anyway, your family in Minnesota is following this with great interest.
Dorothy & Owen

Anonymous said...

Lori and SloRide, My heart is with you - I'm taking my nephew/sherpa to Baxter State Park, ME for his highschool graduation present in mid-June. You have incredible photos. Little Ms. Nordstrom with her hiker tan and PAINTED toe nails. You have always brightened up my life. Love, Corinne '96 thru-hiker

Chile said...

Thank you for sharing your journey. Love all the great pictures and ya'll both look like you're lovin' the trip.

Lori, I've got some frozen grapefruit juice for you when you get home. Don't want you to miss out on all the good CSA stuff!